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sip your way to a 
calm & focused day
With Zen Blend
sip your way to a 
calm & focused day
With Zen Blend
🍄 Medicinal mushroom drink with other earth grown nutrients to support a calm mind, body, and spirit!
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Nature Sourced Bliss:  Calm the mind and body and support your resiliency to stress and life's daily chaos
  • Mood Boost: Elevate your state first thing in the morning to take the edge off the day
  • Calm & Focused Energy: Relaxed, focused, and sustainable energy with no stimulants
  • Chill Out: Step into your power by calming the brain and soothing the spirit
Drink the Stress Away
with Zen Blend
Do you wake up feeling stressed  & anxious and immediately grab a morning cup of coffee in order to get moving?

Are your days filled with racing thoughts, a million things to do, meetings, long hours, and daily chaos?

Here's the thing, coffee, alcohol, and recreational drugs can often times make these things worse!  

Excessive stimulants like coffee (without something to balance it out and take the edge off) will trigger your fight or flight system and may make your feelings of stress even worse...

Are you looking for a delicious and natural way to help bring more ease, peace, serenity, and calmness into your life?  

Zen Blend contains many powerful "adaptogenic" medicinal mushrooms and herbs that may help with this.  Adaptogens are herbal compounds that boost the bodies resiliency towards stress and they also promote balance.

medicinal Mushrooms & herbs!
When Reishi Mushroom, Cordyceps Mushroom, and Bacopa are taken as part of a drink or as an additive to coffee, you get the benefits of becoming calm and and blissful. There's no crash because there is only a little caffeine coming from the cocoa in Zen Blend.

Wait... A drink that calms AND helps my body adapt itself to be more resilient to stress?
 Zen Blend harnesses the adaptogen properties of reishi, cordyceps, magnesium, and other herbal extracts.
For anyone looking to have a sense of calm in the midst of stress, Zen Blend helps you reach that potential. When you need to slow down spinning thoughts in your head, or you need your focus and memory working at its optimal best, our formula gives you all-in-one nutritional support to reach your full potential.

Join the Mushroom Superfood Movement
Used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine, reishi and other medicinal mushrooms only recently started being recognized in North America for the superfood that they are.  Medicinal mushrooms go beyond simple nutritional benefits. They have a superpower. They are adaptogens. Meaning: they help your body adapt to stress. Once again, nature provides a solution for what you need most. And Zen Blend gives you all the benefits in a delicious earth hot cocoa drink!

Make Feeling Calm and Focused a Part of Your Daily Habit
Life can be stressful. So we created a mushroom adaptogen beverage that supports your body as you face life’s demands.  One that allows you to be more in touch with the present moment. Improving your ability to learn, perform, and remember everything better while keeping you calm and relaxed. 

Key Features: In Zen Blend, ancient wisdom meets modern day science. Log-grown reishi and other goodness work to enhance your health so you can live your best life possible.  In Zen Blend, you’ll find: 
  • ​Log-Grown and Hand-Picked Reishi:  Log grown reishi is superior to reishi grown on grains or in a petri dish.
  • ​Fruiting Body Extracted: Our medicinal mushroom extracts of cordyceps and reishi are from the fruiting body of the mushroom only.  No mycelial biomass, mycelium, or anything like that.
  • ​Quality Above Everything Else: ZERO toxic sweeteners, gmos, binders, or colors.
  • ​Premium Blend: We didn't just put one power house herb or mushroom  into Zen Blend, we synergistically added 4 enormous power houses that will impact your state big time.  Chill out with 1,500mg of Reishi, 1,500mg of Cordyceps, Bacopa, and Magnesium!
feel better
Energy and Mood Enhancement. Helping you tackle the day or recover from it with a clear and happy mind thanks to cordyceps
handle stress better
All of our ingredients synergize together to help calm your body and make you more resilient to stress
Immune system support
Give your immune system a fighting chance by supporting it with reishi and cordyceps
Enhance Creativity
Sharpen Cognitive Function,
keep your edge at work, boost your creativity, and be more productive
Sleep better, faster, and deeper with the support of magnesium and reishi
Recover Quicker
Anti-Inflammatory properties for joint support and potentially less bloating and joint issues

3 Ways to Order Zen Blend
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Zen Blend is perfect for you if you want to…
  • Be more resilient towards stress and life's daily chaos
  • ​Begin each day from a calm, centered place
  • Add something to your morning coffee to take the edge off
  • Learn, perform, and remember everything better
  • Get all the benefits of a powerful dose of medicinal mushrooms
  • ​Recover from workouts and exercise better
  • ​Support your immune system & calm your spirit
How it Works
01 | Scoop
Add 1 scoop of Zen Blend to warm water or coffee for a warm cup of comfort (it tastes great as an addition to bulletproof coffee too)
02 | Stir
It can also be mixed with warm water for a medicinal hot chocolate experience
02 | Stir
It can also be mixed with warm water for an earthy hot chocolate experience
03 | Sip
Indulge and experience a calm and centered morning or a chilled out evening
NOTE: Zen Blend has 1,500mg of Reishi, 1,500 mg of Cordyceps & other herbals goodness.  If you're used to another medicinal mushroom drinks (packets) then start with half a scoop!  We use top grade, super potent mushroom extracts  and this is where most companies skimp.
Take on the Daily OR Save for Stressful Situations
Whether you’re looking for daily support for your health or want a soothing drink to nourish you when stressed, Zen Blend is the perfect natural solution for you.
Bitter is Better
We’re not going to pull any punches here. Reishi mushrooms are well-known for having a bitter flavor.

The irony isn’t lost on us - When it comes to nutrition in mushrooms, you can truly feel better by being bitter.  High quality Reishi is bitter...
When creating Zen Blend, we met the challenge of creating a mushroom drink that would taste rich and delicious. Using natural sweeteners (stevia and monkfruit) and a balancing amount of cocoa, Zen Blend is a comforting, earthy drink that mixes GREAT with your coffee or can be served as a stand alone staple for your morning rituals or evening wind down. It also goes really well with any fat being added to it (mct, coconut oil, ghee, etc...)

Organic Cocoa

Organic cocoa is full of anti-oxidants and gives the Zen Blend a decadent chocolatey flavor & aroma!
B e n e f i t s
Blissful feelings of happiness and slight calm focused energy.
Log Grown Reishi

Organic, log grown, fruting body extracted, reishi with the highest concentration of beneficial compounds.
B e n e f i t s
This is a heavy hitter in our formula giving you all the zen you need!  There are over 500+ studies on reishi!

Organic Cordyceps, also known as caterpillar fungus, adds a powerful addition to our formula
B e n e f i t s
Sustained energy (non-stimulating), elevated mood, boosted immune function, boosted athletic output

This little flowering herb is a well known adaptogen (helps with stress) and cognitive enhancer!
B e n e f i t s
Our bacopa synergizes beautifully with the other ingredients in Zen Blend to bring you blissful calmness all day long.  It also helps your brain work better!

Pure magnesium bisglycinate / citrate to restore your levels to optimal!
B e n e f i t s
Many people are deficient in magneisum.  Restoring your magnesium to optimal levels will boost overall health, mood, and really calm you down.
What Else is in  Zen Blend?
We went through a painstakingly long process to bring Zen Blend to you free of: 

❎ Silicon dioxide
❎ Toxic fillers
❎ Toxic artificial sweeteners
❎ Toxic coloring
❎Flavor maskers

We decided to use non-gmo rice powder in our blend to avoid clumping.  It a very small amount of the overall powder by volume.  Most companies use a potentially toxic agent for this purpose called silicon dioxide.  We decided not to do that...

Additionally, we sweetened Zen Blend with a combo of stevia and monk fruit ONLY!  You are not going to find any aspratame, acesulfame potassium, sucralose, or any other nasty stuff like that in our blend.  Also, because we blend the two, you get the best of both without the bitter after taste of stevia!
Our Promise to You
NO! Mycelium grains, mycelium extracts, or mycelial biomass inside Zen Blend.
Many companies compromise on quality by using what is essentially the root systems of their mushrooms - it's the old shell game of advertising “medicinal mushrooms” for a low price, but no real value to you.  Most mushroom products on the market are like this.

We only use the fruiting body of reishi & cordyceps—the most valuable, nutritional and medicinal parts of the mushroom.  Zen Blend is created from organic, 100% premium, log-grown reishi fruiting body extracts.  

We never use anything mycelium related because it's not how these mushrooms were used traditionally.  This is what cheap companies will do to turn a profit and say their product contains "mushrooms".

We refuse to compromise on that.
Is it REALLY for Everybody?
Paleo, keto and vegan friendly, gluten, soy, sugar free and dairy free.
How Zen Blend Is Different
Our commitment to quality and natural ingredients is what makes us stand out from the crowd.

That’s what our manufacturer told us when we said we only wanted pure formula with nothing shady added to it (which is common in the supplement world).
They argued with us to put in the usual suspects: fillers, artificial sugars, anti-caking agents, artificial colors, preservatives, etc.
Of course we said NO to these people and formulated only what we would drink ourselves and give to our families.

Our blend contains a whopping 1,500mg of Reishi, 1,500mg of Cordyceps, 750mg of Bacopa, & 60mg of Magnesium.  If you are used to other medicinal mushroom drinks that come in packets, you would often times have to take 3-4 of these packets to get the same dose we put into a single serving of Zen Blend.  Because of this, feel free to use only a half scoop unless your really feel like you need a full serving.

Our goal is to inspire others to live the best life possible. We believe that when people are at their happiest, healthiest, most calm and peaceful selves, everyone benefits. The world simply becomes a better place.

You won’t find a better risk free guarantee. If it’s not the best adaptogenic mushroom drink you’ve ever tried, we’ll happily refund your money within 30 days of purchase. No questions asked.  NOTE: This applies to an order of one bottle only.
DISCLAIMER:  These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.